#79 - Collector

In the year of its 20th anniversary, Colors has decided to dedicate the winter 2010-2011 edition to collectors: those who amass, categorise and catalogue objects of the same type. They may be collectors of nature, works of art or, in most cases, everyday objects which, because they are rare, distinctive or represent something special, become extraordinary cult objects, steeped in memories that feed passions and obsessions. True to its tradition as a ‘magazine that talks about the rest of the world’, “Collector” seeks to celebrate the diversity of local cultures and of creativity, casting a contemporary eye on tradition and crossing the boundaries between ordinary and extraordinary, between reality and representation. These objects of desire, refined, coveted and exchanged, thus become the pretext for a journey into the history of design, graphics and industrial production, and at the same time, into the habits, interests and needs of human beings. “Collector” has obtained the Silver Award in the Editorial Design category of the 90th Art Directors Club.

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